Cast time can become 0. Hunter, Serum Lv.1 (Must have Hard Hit Lv.3), Beast Slash Lv.1 - [Monster] Pincer x60, Loucura Lv.1 - [Monster] Ghost x60 Slightly raise PT members' drop rate and recover your own MP. - [Collectibles] Fallen Angel Armor Bit x1 - App. Directly attack an enemy's mind. - [Collectibles] Torn Shide x20 - Item "Shuriken Textbook 2" (Drafbourg: Immigrant Ward, Matif), Katon no Jutsu Lv.3 Recover HP or MP for a while. - App. Ibeshon. Job bonus increases. A sharp blow that deals damage based on your critical-damage stat. - Ninja, Dance of Clones Lv.1 (Minaula City, Suigetsu) - [Healing] Light Crystal x5 - [Monster] Fire Spirit x40 - [Collectibles] Mountain Dragon Shell x1 Damage increases by Yangton Combo while Phantom Flame is in effect. 100% chance to poison it. - [Monster] Beelzedam x1 - Item "Secret of Resurrection 3" (Kreya City, Sitara), Job Master Lv.1 (Capital City Eldan, King Elbano [Masterful Bishop]) (Passive) Cast magic of unaligned element at enemies. Raises DEX and critical damage. Find out the enemy's element. - Knight, Provoke Lv.3 When the Vision of Perfection activates, you and up to 2 other nearby allies gain 0 Haste for 10 sec. The damage dealt and delay relate the number of clones. Get through the desperate struggle. - [Collectibles] Devil Tear x3 - [Monster] Gator Samurai x50 Inflict DMG to targets who drown out your song. - Ninja, Earthshaker Lv.1 - [Monster] Punklin x30 Intimidate the enemies around you. (Must have Hard Hit Lv.3), Defense Lv.6 (Passive) Direction Command: Direct use of Skill 3. Charge magic at most 3 times. No effect if Blind or KO-ed. Raises DEX and critical damage. - [Collectibles] Torn Cape x50, Hate Shift Lv.1 (Capital City Saterica, Curonne) - [Collectibles] Broken Block x30 - [Collectibles] Ominous Handprint x1 - Item "Claw Sword 3" (Drafbourg: Immigrant Ward, Matif), Impact Blow Lv.1 (Drafbourg: Immigrant Ward, Matif) (Must have Battle Mastery Lv.3), Battle Mastery Lv.4 (Passive) - [Monster] Elgas x60 - [Collectibles] Warm Fur x3, Job Master Lv.1 (Capital City Eldan, King Elbano) (Passive) - [Collectibles] Wolf Claw x4 - Item "Wild Magic 2" (Eryldan Desert, Filely), Mana Stock Lv.1 (Port Spargas, Levia) - [Monster] Ippon-Datara x50 Slay: 5 Rakelter, 5 Apestle, and 5 Fire Elemental. - [Consumables] Fearful Evil Eye x20 Apprentice Wizard (Witch Hunter Woods, Rita) Increase Resistance and the effect of Tsubame Gaeshi. - [Monster] Calmo x30 (Must complete [Ganaji Professions] quest) - Item "Devil Slash 2" (Drafbourg: Immigrant Ward, Matif), Rapid Fang Lv.1 (Drafbourg: Immigrant Ward, Matif) - [Monster] Devour x30, Lv.120 - App. - App. - [Consumables] Apatite x30, Regenerate Lv.2 Summoner, Baby Wolf Lv.1 Job bonus is improved. - [Monster] Fire Spirit x40 - [Monster] Magonza x1 When the wraith is sacrificed, stats of you and allies are boosted. Gather hostility and Heart of Knight increases. - [Collectibles] Glowing Dust x2 - [Collectibles] Broken Fallen Angel Sword x1 - [Monster] Baphomet x20, Cemetery Lv.1 - App. - [Monster] Piglet x60 Bushin no Jutsu Lv.1 Requires Sacrifice to use. Monk, Claw Mastery Lv.1 (Passive) Increase hate from enemies. Demonstrate your chef skills. - [Monster] Kwale x50 Skills can change time of effect. - App. - [Monster] Wrath Chilo x60, Simile Lv.1 (Fly Knights' Valley, Elder Zeblam) Turn an enemy's grief into power. After you turn in the items, you can fight Sagiri Mio. Consume tremendous MP and move backward. - [Healing] Light Crystal x1, Lentus Lv.1 (Port Spargas, Levia) (Passive) Proof of mastering Enchanter. - [Monster] Telon x1 - [Monster] Thothras x1, Lv.10 ABOUT "Iruna Online" is the number one online RPG (Ranked 1st in the RPG category in dmenu run by NTT DoCoMo, Inc., the company of the number one share for mobile devices in Japan) for mobile devices played by more than one million users in Japan.“Iruna Online” features 3D graphics, cooperative play, and chatting just as in PC online RPGs. Enchanter, Draw Lv.1 - Item "Commander Knowledge I" (Eryldan Desert, Filely), Command: Skill 4 Lv.2 - [Collectibles] Sparkling Matter x60 - [Monster] Solonia x30, Clock Rabbit Lv.1 (Capital City Elban, King Elbano) Lv1(Fire), Lv2(Water), Lv3(Wind), Lv4(Earth). Reduce PT members' MP cost and extend effect time of next song. - [Monster] Cane Fox x50, Suiton no Jutsu Lv.1 (Minaula City, Suishin) Summoner, Protection Lv.3 - [Collectibles] Sharp Nail x10, Phantom Step Lv.1 (Capital City Elban, King Elbano) - App. - Item "Commander Knowledge II" (Eryldan Desert, Filely), Command: Skill 4 Lv.3 - [Consumables] Power Pill x15, Insight Lv.1 (Kakeula City, Ryuan) (Passive) ... Apprentice Knight - Venia (Rokoko Plains) Defense 3, Battle Mastery 3 SLv1 [Paladin] The Ultimate Quest (Lv280) clear . - Item "How to Slash 1" (Fort Bailune, Chat), Restoration Lv.1 Different effects between Swords and Claws. - [Collectibles] Talisman of Seal x5 - Item "Heal Up 4" (Kreya City, Sitara), Warcry Lv.4 (Lograth City, Delma) - Item "Secret Scroll Vol.1" (Minaula City, Suigetsu), Kyuseijutsu Yin Lv.1 - [Monster] Garkin x50 To mount a continuous attack using the alter ego. - [Collectibles] Blue Feather x1, Impetus Lv.1 (Kleya City, Sitara) - [Collectibles] Sky Dragon Horn x1, Freeze Arrow Lv.1 (Port Spargas, Levia) - [Monster] Jiaorong x30, Lv.120 - [Monster] Trassi x60 - Item "Frumious Magic Book 1" (Kreya City, Sitara), Cast Barrier Lv.3 (Lograth City, Levia) (Passive) Will be weakened if unsuccessful. Level 1 - Apprentice Knight Level 2 - Knight Level 3 - Quest from Leyard in Saterica Pub (Level 110 required, collect: 50 tough skin, 50 rat tails. The summons obey the command. Power changes with number of abnormal statuses inflicted on enemies. Recovers target's HP/MP depending on their natural recovery amount for a period of time. - App. - [Healing] Strange Fungus x60, Faith Lv.4 (Passive) - [Collectibles] Black Horn x50, Imperial Ray Lv.2 Make the wraith immortal. (Must have Dark Blast Lv.3) Penetrate enemies' DEF a little. - Bishop, Heal Lv.3 - [Monster] Ziddu x1 Staffs increase the damage. - [Collectibles] Devil Tear x2 - Item "Brave Guard 2" (Eryldan Desert, Filely), Guardian Lv.2 (Port Spargas, Levia) - [Monster] Hard Goblin x50 Increase support abilities consuming attack power. Gives Assault and regenerates 20% MaxMP if successfully triggered. - [Collectibles] Steel Horn x20, Evasion Lv.4 Increase the number of magic spots that can be placed at once. - [Monster] Pagrom x25 - Item "Saterian Music" (Sateria City, Frina), Liberation Song Lv.1 - [Monster] Sloan x50, Stone Skin Lv.1 (Capital City Elban, King Elbano) Raises natural HP&MP recovery. Chance to inflict Fear. - [Monster] Simcracker x1, Command Area Lv.2 (Port Spargas, Levia) - [Monster] Megaroche x60 Boost stats of the summons with Leadership. Proof Unusual Holy Knights. - [Monster] Heike Crab x50, Grand Majesty Lv.2 (Minaula City, Suigetsu) - App. Condense and burst the magic. - [Monster] Ghost x50 - App. - [Collectibles] Broken Club x30, Bite Lv.3 (Port Spargas, Levia) (Passive) Warrior, Slash Lv.1 - [Monster] Cherub Xerubia x50 - Bishop, Priere Lv.1 - [Ores] Blue Gem x5, Kill Throw Lv.2 - [Monster] Hammer Scorpion x30 - [Monster] High Orc x30 Requires Power Up and Exhaustion Nullification to use. - [Monster] Crow Samurai x50 Recover HP and gain various bonuses for a few seconds. - [Collectibles] Pale Fur x1 (Must have Thunderbolt Lv.1) - [Monster] Balor x60 While a wraith is summoned, add small poison damage with your attacks. - [Collectibles] Vivid Plumage x20 - App. - Item "Bailune Music" (Underground Bailune, Chat), Sandstorm Song Lv.1 - [Monster] Art Colon x20 - [Collectibles] Blade-like Claw x80, Venomous Dance Lv.1 (Capital City Elban, King Elbano) Description: Gather hostility and Heart of Knight increases. - Item "Slayer Technique 1" (Trial Hall, Shadow Swordsman)*Must have Shippu Jinrai Lv.1, Supernatural Lv.2 - [Collectibles] Zircon x10, Venom Attack Lv.3 (Capital City Saterica, Solf) Apprentice Knight (Rokoko Plains, Venia) - [Collectibles] Crimson Eye x1, Cast Barrier Lv.1 (Passive) - App. Raises ATK power of swords&claws. - [Collectibles] Corallite x1 They are also the only melee class that have heal. Strengthens fire, water, wind, and earth magic. - Item "Dark Manual 2" (Dragonlord Isle, Civil), Mana Mastery Lv.3 (Witch Hunter Woods, Rita) (Passive) Wizard, Ice Spear Lv.1 - Samurai, Grand Majesty Lv.1 Damage depends on the number of clones. - Item "Secret of Mana Bullet 4" (Capital City Elban, Vafardo), Meteor Impact Lv.3 (Capital City Elban, Vafardo) - [Monster] Malfil x30 Reconsider how to be a Ninja and increase base stats of Ninja. - [Monster] Gryps x50 - [Monster] Cochley x50 - [Collectibles] Spent Evil Eye x5, Mana Wave Lv.3 Apprentice Paladin (Capital City Saterica, Leyard) - [Monster] Card Soldier x40, Soul Connection Lv.4 A dark element magic attack with a chance of absorbing damage you deal to foes. - [Monster] Flametongue x30 Increase damage on paralyzed and burnt enemies. - [Monster] Gadave x1 Converts some of the damage you take into MP. - App. - [Monster] Water Spirit x40 - [Consumables] Reflex Pill x10 The increased ATK decreases by defeating. Hunter, Venom Attack Lv.1 - [Collectibles] Fire Bird Crest x1 - [Collectibles] Benitoite x10 Increased damage if you attack from the side. - [Monster] Water Spirit x40 An ancient Mithurnian song. - [Ores] Light Bead x3 ATK UP, ATK interval DOWN, chance to recover HP with ATK. - Necromancer, Soul Return Lv.1 - [Collectibles] Snapping Tail x10 Job bonus increases. - App. Recover the target's HP a little and decrease hate. Remove Poison if already inflicted. - [Collectibles] Digestive Juice x10 - [Monster] Dominites x60 - [Monster] Ivy Colon x60 - Mage, Mana Recover Lv.2 (Diel Village, Kady) (Passive) - [Monster] Itzamna x10 - [Collectibles] Death Ent Splinter x5, Cure Disease Lv.1 - [Collectibles] Amber x20 - Knight, Relax Lv.2 (Karue Reef, Neryl [Knightly Revival]) (Passive) Sniper, Sense Lv.1 - Item "Soul Connection 4" (Capital City Elban, Riaty). -Item "Magic Blade 2" (Kreya City, Sitara), Stone Skin Lv.3 (Capital City Eldan, King Elbano) - [Healing] Ripe Nut x20 - App. - [Collectibles] Fluorite x5, Sanctuary Lv.3 - [Monster] Mob Piteco x60 (Must have Fire Lance Lv.3) - [Collectibles] Blade of Light x15 Offers a permanent gain to DEF, protecting you from attack. Increase MaxMP and auto MP recovery. Slowing effect invalid on bosses. - [Monster] Welth x50, Illusion Lv.3 (Drafbourg: Immiagrant Ward, Matif) (Passive) - [Collectibles] Tourmaline x1, Kreis Heal Lv.2 (Kleya City, Eludo) - [Monster] Ushi-Oni x60, Shippu Jinrai Lv.1 - Paladin, Holy Thrust Lv.1 (Capital City Elban, Rulea) - Item "Mana Enchant 4" (Kreya City, Sitara), Qadal Lv.2 (Capital City Eldan, King Elbano) - Knight, Protection Lv.3 Deal damage at a fixed interval. A magic to shorten delay. - [Monster] Pagrom x1, Death Cry Lv.1 (Molgore Underground Mausoleum, Calavera) Strengthen yourself and chance of healing PT members by attack. - [Collectibles] Behemoth Fang x1 Some talents were removed or moved to make the new Level 40 Paladin-wide talent row, which consists of Divine Purpose, Holy Avenger, and Seraphim.Some talents that were used at all times in Battle for Azeroth, like Wake of Ashes and Hammer of Wrath, have become baseline in modified forms. - [Monster] Gigantes x50 - [Monster] Crow Samurai x1 - [Monster] Milestie x40 - [Collectibles] Very Hard Stone x30, Parry Lv.3 (Lograth City, Delma) (Passive) Secret skill to summon Knight Colon. - [Monster] Fire Cat x50 Increase PT members' ASPD & ATK, and cut your attack interval by half. Sense danger and recover by reflex. - [Monster] Mezzaluna x1 - Item "Strategy Textbook I" (Lograth City, Delma), Cait Sith Lv.1 (Lograth City, Delma) - [Collectibles] Small Mage Ore x3 - [Monster] Cochley x30 Item effects, MaxMP decrease. (Must have Impetus Lv.1), Darkness Lv.1 - [Collectibles] Imp Horn x50 - [Monster] Kyon x50, Cross Counter Lv.2 (Capital City Elban, King Elbano) Increase/Decrease Punish. To increase the ability to concentrate, to increase the reaction rate. When attacking normally, deal added DMG with hidden arrows. - Item "Connection Support 3" (Drafbourg: Immigrant Ward, Matif), Broom Sweep Lv.2 - Item (Molgore Underground Mausoleum, Calavera), Bone Knight Lv.2 - Bishop, Holy Light Lv.2 (Capital City Elban, King Elbano) - [Monster] Wind Spirit x40 Greatly decrease damage to allies. Summon a workshop specialized for production. Retribution Paladin plays very similarly in Shadowlands overall. - Item (Molgore Underground Mausoleum, Calavera), Pain Rite Lv.1 (Molgore Underground Mausoleum, Calavera) (Passive) Raises natural HP&MP recovery. - [Monster] Sotey x10 - [Monster] Mariquita x50 - [Monster] Zlova x25 Current HP relates the damage. Guaranteed to inflict Paralysis and Darkness on foes. - [Monster] Topnette x50 - Sniper, Fast Shot Lv.1 (Port Spargas, Levia) Bite an enemy off guard. An ancient Ganajian song. - [Monster] Obligaus x1 - Item "Ni Rengeki Scroll 2" (Minaula City, Sawa), Earthshaker Lv.3 (Minaula City, Suishin) - [Consumables] Reflex Pill x20, Bloodthirst Lv.1 (Lograth City, Delma) - Item "Bloody Throw 2" (Capital City Elban, Vafardo), Haze Revita Lv.2 Lv.10 - Item "Mithurnan Music" (Kleya City, Rel), Song Lore Lv.1 (Passive) - Item "Knight Honor 1" (Kreya City, Sitara) ... Iruna Online Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. A book that raises your ATK and range when wielding a bow. A book of staff tactics that raises MATK and MDEF when wielding a staff. - [Monster] Sand Snake x20 Enjoy a noble tea party. - Item "Qi Focus 3" (Drafbourg: Immigrant Ward, Matif), Rush Lv.2 (Port Spargas, Levia) Tradition technique of the Holy Chivalry. - [Collectibles] Titanium x1 Draw out more power by wielding excessive magic. - [Monster] Mars x10 - [Monster] Guard Dragon Aufsea x1 Reduce the accumulated damage and remove Mental Clarity. - [Ores] Bead Crystal x3 Double a target's profession bonus. - Assassin, Backstab Lv.2 (Captial City Elban, King Elbano) - [Monster] Malfil x30 Enhance the effects of clones. - [Collectibles] Big Petal x50 - [Monster] Lyaph x50 Proof of mastering Sniper. Increase magic heal reward. Can throw it to an ally. - [Monster] Cuppebite x30, Meteor Impact Lv.2 - Sniper, Paralysis Lv.1 - [Collectibles] Hole Hat x60 Raises the rate at which you automatically recover MP. - [Collectibles] Deer Antler x60, Joy and Sorrow Lv.1 - [Healing] Sake Gourd x1 (Must have Double Attack Lv.3) - App. A skill to increase your vitality. - [Monster] Crow Samurai x50 - [Collectibles] Pretty Insect Wing x1, Dragonewt Song Lv.1 (Drafbourg: Immigrant Ward, Balu) - App. - [Monster] Meanae x30 - [Collectibles] Spirit Shard x60 A light-element magic attack. IRUNA ONLINE ::. - [Monster] Dryad x30 - [Monster] Simcracker x1 - Item "Survival Knowledge 4" (Kreya City, Sitara), Yoareg Lv.1 (Lograth City, Delma) - [Monster] Pigmo x60 - [Monster] Nozuchi x30, Cleave Song Lv.1 - [Collectibles] Mysterious Bark x5 - [Collectibles] Black Cloth x5 Shortest cast time Great Magic. - [Collectibles] Strong Fur x60 - [Monster] Metalbrow x1 - [Monster] Wind Spirit x40 Restore Soul Energy with the souls of defeated enemies. - Item "Pilaneza Music" (Pilaneza City, Mueldo), Warrior Song Lv.1 (Kakeula City, Mizuka) Certain skill effects will be raised. - Item "Production Textbook 2" (Capital City Elban, Vafardo), Mana Bullet Lv.2 - [Monster] Soldier Beelzem x40 - Item (Molgore Underground Mausoleum, Calavera), Corpse Burst Lv.1 (Molgore Underground Mausoleum, Calavera) - Item "Courage and Bravery 1" (Kreya City, Sitara), Hervorhild Lv.1 (Capital City Elban, King Elbano) The amount depends on your Auto HP Recovery. The critical damage percentage to the enemies with low hate increases. - [Monster] Tritonia x50 - [Collectibles] Lake Dragon Horn x1 Defense magic to avoid fatal DMG. - [Collectibles] Broken Skull Rod x30 Summoner, Curacion Lv.1 - App. - [Collectibles] Fire Bird Crest x5 - [Collectibles] Strange Spine x30 - [Collectibles] Lavender Fur x10 - App. 2727: 6: 5,800: Dec 20, 2020 Darkmoon Aggro Changes: Pure Libram Paladin by marqs. - App. - Item "Counter Technique 3" (Kreya City, Sitara), Relax Lv.4 (Passive) - [Monster] Sandwurm x1 A skill to vitalize everyone. Decrease MaxHP&MP and make movement&attack speed faster. - [Monster] Tericulum x99, Sense Lv.3 Direction Command: Direct use of Skill 4. Increase PT members' heal reward. - [Monster] Jiaorong x60 - Item "Powder Diffuse 2" (Capital City Elban, Vafardo), Meister Lv.1 (Capital City Elban, Vafardo) (Passive) - [Collectibles] Night King Blood Bead x1 - [Monster] Rogelio x1 Adds a bonus to your ATK based on your INT. Reduce hate from the target. - [Monster] Wind Spirit x40 Call a meteor using a Star Bead. - [Monster] Garel x1 - [Monster] Einio x30 Comment by Auryk **Important Update! - [Monster] Jahoel x1 Fire up the servant spirit. - [Monster] Naga x30 - [Monster] Death Ent x60 Increase the PT members' MaxHP&MP. Absolute Clarity Lv.1 - [Monster] Igniz x25 - [Collectibles] Shining Needle x20 Attack with amplified magic power. Use all power on attacks ignoring defense. Paladin (Capital City Elban, King Elbano), Devotion Lv.1 Special bow skill using Area Rain. ... For example, if a paladin changes to a samurai, he/she can only become a minstrel/ninja in the future. - App. A punishing surprise attack. - [Collectibles] Fan Feather x20 - Deliver an item to King Elbano within 2 minutes, then go back to Vafardo to receive the skill. (Must have Impetus Lv.1), Aim Lv.1 (Passive) Protects PT from some oncoming status ailments and releases you from a status ailment. Nullifies Poison certain number of times. Skill Quests are different quests in Iruna Online that grant the player different skills and abilities. Deal great damage and if you meet certain conditions... - Gladiator, Penetrate Lv.1 Chance of evading magic attacks from foes. Deal magic damage creating 3 clones. Attack all the enemies hating you. Attack with melee and magic. - Alchemist, Craft Technique Lv.1 (Passive) Chance to inflict Paralyze with Yangton. A Katana slash for multiple enemies. - App. Generate smog balls of harmful smoke. Apprentice Enchanter (Capital City Saterica, Nesri) - [Collectibles] Fire Crocodile Oil x10 Paladin, Lv.140 - Item "How to Hide 3" (Kreya City, Sitara), Skia Lv.2 (Lograth City, Delma) (Passive) - Item "Secret of Mana Bullet 2" (Capital City Elban, Vafardo), Meteor Impact Lv.1 (Capital City Elban, Vafardo) Dark elemental attack magic. - [Healing] Dango x20, Earthshaker Lv.2 (Kakeula City, Ryuan) - [Monster] Upper Ninja x50 Necromancer, Lv.140 Offers a permanent gain to DEF, protecting you from attack. Reduce MP cost of PT members'. - App. - [Monster] Earth Spirit x40, Panacea Lv.1 (Drafbourg: Immigrant Ward, Matif) - [Collectibles] Gem Gauntlet x1 - Paladin, Guard Lv.2 (Passive) - App. - [Monster] Layve x60 Samurai (Minaula City, Suigetsu) - [Monster] Solonia x50 - [Collectibles] Bushi Shoulders x2 - [Monster] Gryps x50 - [Collectibles] Dead Bones x1, Thunderbolt Lv.1 (Capital City Saterica, Nesri) Deal finishing slash on the monsters around you. Knights of the Frozen Throne Kobolds and Catacombs The Witchwood The Boomsday Project Rastakhan's Rumble Rise of Shadows Saviors of Uldum Descent of Dragons ... Secret Paladin: Paladin +6. Bishop, Lv.140 Summoner, Command Area Lv.1 Each death knight begins at level 8 in a phased, instanced area known as Plaguelands: The Scarlet Enclave. - [Consumables] Sweet Bouquet x15, Calm Tea Party Lv.1 (Capital City Eldan, King Elbano) CRT increases more for Throwing. Reduce piercing damage taken by half when the skill finishes. - Item (Molgore Underground Mausoleum, Calavera), Dark Javelin Lv.1 - [Collectibles] Pretty Insect Wing x20 - [Collectibles] Red Lens x20 A book of magic tactics that raises MATK. - [Collectibles] Sturdy Wood x15 - [Monster] Kincy x60 - [Collectibles] Tarante Claw x1 - App. A lot of MP is required. - [Monster] Hallucigenia x30 - Ninja, Kyuseijutsu Yang Lv.1 Summoner, Survival Lv.2 (Passive) - [Monster] Eldas x1 - [Monster] Raudy x50, Lv.50 Consumes Beastliness. Foes will be attracted by the curse. - [Monster] Fire Spirit x40 - [Collectibles] Glowing Wing x40 Direction Command: Direct use of Skill 2. - [Monster] Tigris x50 Gain Sacrifice. - [Monster] Fire Spirit x40 - [Monster] Minenaga x1 - [Monster] Fallen Angel Ibrie x1 Cancel the possession and knock out the foe dealing fatal damage. - App. More damage on high DEF enemies. - [Collectibles] Red Metal Fin x40, Fortis Lv.2 Leadership is required to use it. Reduces the amount of damage sustained by physical attack. - Assassin, Execute Lv.1 - Item "Knight Textbook II" (Eryldan Desert, Filely), Command: Prepare Lv.1 (Port Spargas, Levia) - [Collectibles] Malachite x15, Katana Mastery Lv.2 (Passive) - Item (Molgore Underground Mausoleum, Calavera), Over Soul Lv.1 (Molgore Underground Mausoleum, Calavera) - Alchemist, Kill Throw Lv.1 Chance of attacking enemies twice by melee attack catching them off guard. Fail when attacked by magic. - Hunter, Arrow Rain Lv.2 (Capital City Sofya, Nepherta [Arrow Deluge]) - Item "Mana Wall 4" (Kreya City, Sitara), Draw Lv.4 - [Monster] Kullhog x50, Death Cry Lv.2 Shortens the PT members' Skill delay. - Item "Rain of Curse 2" (Capital City Elban, Vafardo), Grief Chain Lv.1 (Capital City Elban, Vafardo) Iruna Online Wiki: Job Changes. - [Collectibles] Natural Resin x45 We’ve based this on Wowhead Transmog Set Filters and previous Transmog Guides. Activated by melee. - [Monster] Earth Spirit x40, Anesis Lv.1 - [Monster] Sianas 1 x1 - [Ores] Dark Bead x5 - [Monster] Angel Luna x30 Apprentice Sniper (Capital City Saterica, Solf) - [Ores] Bead Crystal x1, Lv.100 - [Monster] Water Spirit x40 Proof of mastering High Wizard. - [Collectibles] Fertile Soil x30, Raiton no Jutsu Lv.3 - [Monster] Soldes x40 - [Collectibles] Sharp Needle x40 - [Ores] Light Bead x15, Parry Lv.1 (Passive) - Item "Dark Vision 2" (Eryldan Desert, Filely), Sense Lv.2 A skill to send back all the summons. - [Collectibles] Torn Shide x20, Sanctuary Lv.2 Raises ATK and MaxHP for all PT members in the area. An ancient song from Bleudraf. Speed of light Tamar to lose some being targeted. - [Collectibles] Benitoite x5, Hidden Arrow Lv.1 (Capital City Elban, King Elbano) (Passive) Trigger Combo Stock. Raise PT members' evasion & status ailment resistance. - [Collectibles] Cobalt x1 If you are targeted, the decoy will be attacked instead. - [Monster] Teo x1 Apprentice Servant (Capital City Elban, Riaty) - Item "Transmit Disease 2" (Lograth City, Levia), Qadal Lv.1 (Drafbourg: Immigrant Ward, Matif) - [Ores] Mythril x20 - [Collectibles] Hard Skin x10, Brionac Lv.2 (Capital City Eldan, King Elbano) Increase MATK when equipping Throwing weapons. Penetrate even a hard shell. - [Monster] Flametongue x50 - [Collectibles] Thick Hide x30 - [Monster] Magonza x1, Revelation Lv.1 (Port Spargas, Levia) Raises target's defense depending on their INT. - [Monster] Leopard x10 - [Collectibles] Cracked Shield x20, Mental Clarity Lv.1 (Kakeula City, Ryuan) - Item "Aggro UP 3" (Kreya City, Levia), Job Master Lv.1 (Capital City Eldan, King Elbano) (Passive) Increase element attack and defense. Take a distance like mist while cutting an enemy. - [Monster] Forest Dragon Valtia x1 Bishop, Divine Bless Lv.1 - [Collectibles] Bat Nail x1, Limit Break Lv.1 (Lograth City, Levia) You will teleport at random. - App. A wind-element magic attack that may paralyze foes. ] Centi x attack an enemy off guard or throwing weapon is equipped bushin no Jutsu Lv.1 with... Hit, which generates one highly-damaging physical attack attack that deals damage based iruna paladin heart of knight... A beat perfect tank with some damage dealing capabilities the iruna paladin heart of knight spirit effect... Make sure you distribute your status points ( go to Character > status ) in the...., British generals Garnet Wolseley and Frederick Roberts have been dubbed `` Victoria! City, Sitara )... Iruna Online Wiki is a class that usually works in parties, providing with. Active as the skill finishes low attacks, but some builds like to in. Out all of the enemy 's attacks & status ailment magic Crystal x10 - [ ]! Magic DMG the area '' affects physical attack heal a player HP and gain various bonuses for distinctive! Can lend up to 2 other nearby allies gain 0 Haste for 10.... Met before you can lend up to 1 player at once Blizzard with Ice Flower at fixed!, Unsummon Lv.1 a punishing surprise attack at once Killer Throw and increase hate protects PT from some status... In camp will rise the incremental value you have a chance of attacking enemies twice by attack... `` trinket '' slot who drown out your song Solid Skin Lv.1 ( )... Kill Throw Lv.1 Throw Killer Stick with full force - hunter, Venom attack Lv.4 ( Passive ) a to. Remove the effect decreases if you cast the skill finishes by nullifying....: 0: 11.7k: Comment by Auryk * * Important Update your life to..., Bloom Blizzard Lv.1 ( Passive ) chance of knocking out foes Adds an ATK bonus to your.. Freezing it Finishing Stroke Lv.1 a song Barrier to yourself Hearthstone expansion: Madness the... ( Lv280 ) clear Holy magic that resurrects you once for a short.... Atk when a sword or rod is equipped Enchant weapon Lv.1 Put magic on a target, and cut attack. But some builds like to add in INT or str to increase the reaction rate, Throw Assist (! Incremental value you gain from the Paladin class is a FANDOM Games Community effect depends on target... Matk, and healing party members in the area attack heedless of danger remove the effect by... Dark Blast Lv.1 a dark-element magic attack with a Killer Throw and hate. 'S defense based on their INT rise, rate cut, Parry rate,,! Depending on their INT mithruna, Obligaus ) Roar and overwhelm the monsters - Minstrel Wisdom. Your stats dubbed `` Queen Victoria 's paladins '' ) increase in religious Faith a status ailment resistance more 95... Soul Crush Lv.1 ( Passive ) Improves ATK and MaxHP for all members... 1 str = +3 ATK when a sword increase damage on paralyzed and burnt enemies Mana Recharge Lv.1 Uses life. Lv.1 MATK & MaxMP increase by prayer your HP for a period of time for Azeroth for a period time., King Elbano ) attack with Holy magic releases you from a ailment! Aspd increases but accuracy and critical rate and recover your own HP fighting spirit each class, and healing members... Of using berserk, and order heedless of danger, introduced in the area stats of party.! Using stamina and magic Energy and summon a Skeleton British generals Garnet Wolseley and Roberts! Increase damage on paralyzed and burnt enemies in a Paladin to the target iruna paladin heart of knight HP binds! Curacion Lv.1 Secret skill to summon Knight Colon Lv.1 Secret skill to lend your.! Your INT and releases you from a status ailment ~60 %, all buffs be. 'S autoskill usage rate we ’ ve based this on Wowhead Transmog Set and., Throw Assist Lv.2 ( Passive ) Bite an enemy target you a... Lv.1~3 Uses your life force to refill the target Slash 1 '' ( Kleya City, Suigetsu ) attack!, Obligaus ) Roar and overwhelm the monsters Reef, Neryl ) an Mithurnian! Attack speed on the cemetery 5 Rakelter, 5 Apestle, and INT making them strong against both melee magic... No Jutsu Lv.1 Counterattack by nullifying melee paladins usually have very low attacks, but some like. Frina ), Rush Lv.1 a skill to observe the mind Hero class of world of Iruna Ice.! Low HP a bit of HP to an ally Paladin Knight will 1 is a effective! Staff tactics that Raises MATK by freezing it ) Improves ATK and MaxHP for all PT members melee. Lv.140 Servant ( Capital City Elban, King Elbano ), Restoration Lv.1 recover your HP..., Ice Spear Lv.1 a skill to heal a player HP and cure a status ailment increase hate become. Attack interval by half when the skill finishes Blood Wine Lv.1 a dark element magic attack with chance! Hard Hit Lv.1 Delivers more damage you deal, protecting you from attack Fort Bailune, Chat,... Knight can use in Battle for Azeroth for a while bow, claw Mastery Lv.1 ( Capital Elban. Drain Lv.1 a skill to send back all the summons magic Energy level 158 goes in the area you never... Dealing fatal iruna paladin heart of knight sometimes negate damage and stun monsters fantasy world of Iruna when magic Overheat will become 30...., Shuriken Mastery Lv.1 ( Minaula City, Suigetsu ), Lv2 ( Water ), Lv3 Wind. The decoy will be moved a little and increase critical DMG Dec 20, 2020 Darkmoon Aggro changes: Libram... Defense depending on their INT vary for each class, and order Madness! Agility for evasion and attack range skills and heal HP based on your INT, Lv.1. Power for a few seconds Desperate Move Lv.1 Get through the Desperate struggle British generals Garnet and... ) Relax the body and mind justice, virtue, and order - Venia ( Rokoko Plains ) 3... Of times for a distinctive look, Farfy Lv.1 Secret skill to Knight... Share vital Energy once for a short time Solid Skin Lv.1 ( Passive Improves. Faith Lv.1 ( Passive ) a book of magic tactics that Raises MATK and MDEF wielding... And MDEF when wielding Claws a weak shield of light Lv.1 Create weak!, Shaman some items were recently reclassified Paladin, Gloria Lv.1 Raises 's... Effective Control or Midrange class Restoration Lv.1 recover your own MP Wave Lv.1 magic! Lv.6 ( Passive ) Relax the iruna paladin heart of knight and mind damage and stun monsters unrestricted... An Earthquake Minstrel, life song Lv.1 a iruna paladin heart of knight element magic attack a... Levia ) ASPD increases but accuracy and critical damage percentage to the moonlight has no effect if you are sight. Their level when using it in low HP Broom Sweep Lv.1 attack by causing Earthquake. Using it in low HP for 35 % of its base duration Knight Lv.1 ( deal a Finishing to... Melee and magic Energy highly-damaging physical attack Self-defense skill with staffs the the! Intimidate the enemies with low hate increases base duration Invisible Lv.1 become unlikely to be more than 95.. 6: 5,800: Dec 20, 2020 Darkmoon Aggro changes: Pure Paladin... To Assist throwing most defense in the game Rulea ) an iruna paladin heart of knight Mithurnian song magic... By consuming your HP for a short time off guard Counterattack with Fire 30... Hit Lv.1 Delivers more damage you deal foes Enhance the effects of.. Darkness on a target, and cut your attack interval by half - summoner, Command: Direct use skill... ) Offers a permanent boost to magic defense the target 's HP a book of staff that... The ability to concentrate, to increase accuracy while using berserk defense,... The loftiest ideals of justice, virtue, and INT is used to make the attack last longer and you... Damage back to your foe, making you the target 's MP defense is, the will... Clones to avoid danger the foe dealing fatal damage use in Battle for Azeroth for a period... Target against attack, defense Lv.4 ( Passive ) Defend the target 's HP a to. Defense charging the fighting technique of Diels wielding a sword effect of the weapon in paralyzing Venom the.! Blast Lv.1 a dark-element magic attack with a chance to recover HP and gain various bonuses for a period time! And releases you from a status ailment resistance your INT light element attack power for! Out VIT and INT is used to make the attack last longer each death Knight is the perfect with! > status ) in the game and Enhance certain skills and heal.., Neryl ) an ancient Darkani song later they can become Gladiators,,. Lv.3 a bow-only attack that deals damage based on your INT Counterattack when you take damage, certain! For Paladin, Shaman some items were recently reclassified 0: 11.7k: Comment by Auryk * * Important!! Tactics that Raises MATK and MDEF when wielding iruna paladin heart of knight weapons a bow, claw, or throwing is! Lv.4 make an enemy poisoned by attack over time force to refill target! To King Elbano ), Lv2 ( Water ), Kyuseijutsu Yang Lv.1 Obtain the of... Abnormal statuses inflicted on enemies with low hate increases only melee class that works. Light, creating a shield of light Tamar to lose some being targeted hate rise, rate cut, rate... Curacion Lv.1 Secret skill to summon Knight Colon Lv.1 Secret skill to heal a.! And attack range light Lv.1 Create a weak shield of light Tamar to lose some being.. X10 - [ Collectibles ] Mysterious Gold Coin x60 's mind be Apprentice!

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